BMW N55 eTune (E Series)


BMW N55 eTune (E Series) N55e
Type: eTune
Manufacturer: BMW
Engine: N55 E Series

Remote tuning for BMW N55 engines

The mapping is tailored to the modifications and engine to achieve the best possible performance, torque history and durability for each setup.

Modified are, among other things, the maps for injection, ignition, VANOS, boost pressure control, torque monitoring (this is raised and adjusted to the setup and not just disabled).

The power, torque or boost pressure can be adjusted according to your wishes. The maximum power also depends heavily on the installed tuning parts. A rough estimate of the resulting maximum performance can be clarified in advance via the contact form.

From our side very great emphasis is placed on durability and constant power output. We are happy to discuss projects in advance to find a common denominator of expectations and implementation.

Based on the information about your vehicle, a basemap will be created and sent to you by e-mail. If further points are considered when loading the basemap, it will be described in the e-mail with the basemap.

- The first version should then be logged 2x in 3rd gear and 2x in 4th gear, each from 2500rpm to just before the limiter.

- the Logs afterwards please send an email to back to us

- Based on the logs, a new version is created, which then has to be logged again as described above

The whole thing will repeat itself several times until a map is completed, with which all parties are satisfied.

Terms & Conditions

Because of its intended usage, WedgePerformance Racing or its sole proprietor make no warranties whatsoever, expressed or implied, written or oral, with regard to the purchasers of any vehicle tuning and or products with regards to performance, safety, fit, merchantability, length of service, or for any other criteria. Purchasers are fully responsible for vehicle maintenance to ensure tune-ability. They are also responsible for providing accurate information with regards to fuel, mods, and or overall condition of their vehicle. WedgePerformance Racing reserves the right to terminate any and all agreements without notice. All purchases are final, non-­refundable and non-­transferable. By submitting this order, you agree to all the terms and conditions set forth.

$400 In stock
Facebook Special Facebook E Series N55 Group Special (-50)
Turbo Setup Stock Turbo (0) Upgrade Turbos (Pure / VTT / Big Boost / Speedtech...) w/Stock Solenoid (50) Single Turbo w/EBC (75) Single Turbo w/BoostBOX (100) Custom JB4 Map (Map Only, No JB4 user Interface Support) (-100)
Octane Rating Map 1
Additional Fueling Methanol Charge Pipe Only (0) Port Methanol Injection - or generic kit (0) E85 CPI - w/AIC controller (0) E85 Port Injection (0)
Octane Rating Map 2
Octane Rating Map 3
TMAP Sensor 2.5 Bar TMAP (0) 3.5 Bar TMAP (0)
Current Modifications
Transmission Automatic Transmission (0) Automatic Transmission - xHP (0) Dual Clutch Transmission (0) Manual Transmission (0)
Vin Number
ROM Version 98G0B (0) 9E60B - Requires OBD Unlocked (0)
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